Dramatic body cam video documents ambush that killed Sacramento officer

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Sacramento Police Department released dramatic body cam footage Friday in connection with the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old rookie officer.

Officer Tara O’Sullivan was shot several times, with at least one of her wounds being “non-survivable,” after she and her training officer, Daniel Chip, were ambushed Wednesday during a domestic violence call, FOX 40 Sacramento reported.

“You OK? You OK?” Chip is heard shouting in the video.


“This is a high-powered rifle. Get out here now,” the officer says into his radio. “We’ve got one down.”

“Officer down! Officer down!” he continues.

“Stay down,” he says as more shots are heard.

“Yeah, he’s still shooting,” Chip whispers. “He’s changing clips.”

Earlier, the camera had captured Chip trying to convince the suspect that approaching officers meant him no harm.

“Hey, Adel, Police Department,” Chip calls out. “You’re not under arrest, you’re not in trouble. You’re not in trouble, dude.”

Suddenly, more than 20 shots ring out from inside the door, FOX 40 reported. As a result, Chip hurries away from the doorway and takes cover in an adjacent carport.

O’Sullivan had been helping an unidentified woman move her belongings out of the garage of a home when she was shot, police said.

“This was an ambush-style attack on Sacramento police officers that lasted for hours,” Sacramento police Chief Daniel Hahn said. “Under the most dangerous and trying circumstances, our officers performed admirably.”

Consequently, on Friday, suspect Adel Sambrano Ramos, 45, was charged with murder, attempted murder and possessing illegal weapons. He was arrested after an eight-hour standoff.

Hahn said the suspect had multiple firearms, including two assault rifles.

Many people wondered why it took SPD 45 minutes to rescue O’Sullivan, who later died at the hospital. Hahn said officers needed to wait until an armored vehicle arrived, or “we would have additional officers murdered that day,” the Associated Press reported.

The officers had come to Ramos’ home because he had failed to appear in court for a domestic violence charge.


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