Video shows deadly gun battle between Fla. LEOs, armed man

By PoliceOne Staff

LAWTY, Fla. – Newly released dash cam footage shows the deadly shooting of a gunman who opened fire on two LEOs.

Bradford County deputies were responding to a call of a man who was not taking his medication and becoming aggressive in a Florida neighborhood on Oct. 7, News 4 reports.

According to Deputy Justin Hanson and Sgt. Russell Gordon, the man, identified as 39-year-old Anthony Hodges, went to a shed, where he emerged with an AR-15.

The officers took cover as Hodges opened fire on Gordon’s patrol vehicle. The LEOs then retreated behind a school bus on the property for better protection.

The deputies returned fire and struck Hodges, who later died from his injuries. Hodges had a history of mental illness. According to his mother, the gun was legally purchased by Hodges’ girlfriend.

Hodges’ death was ruled a justifiable homicide by a grand jury last November.