Video shows teen with knife apologizing after being shot by Oxnard Police Department

OXNARD, Calif. – Body camera footage that was released Thursday by California’s Oxnard Police Department showed a 17-year-old girl provoking a shooting with the officer. After being shot and surviving, the girl apologized to the officer for coming at him with a large knife.

Chief Scott Whitney described the confrontation on Friday, May 3, in an edited video package that was posted online by the department. The teenager’s face was blurred in the video due to her age. Moreover, part of the video was muted to protect her identity.

Officers had received multiple calls regarding a woman with a 12-inch knife who “seemed disturbed,” Whitney said.

A dispatcher can be heard during the video advising officers the female subject was possibly “under the influence” or “5150,” which is the section from the California Welfare and Institutions Code authorizing police to take someone into custody when they present a danger to themself or another person due to mental health reasons.

Officer Timothy Roberts’ body camera showed him telling the girl to not to reach for the weapon and to sit on the curb. Roberts was the first to arrive at the scene. When told not to reach for the knife, the teenager asked what would happen if she did.

“Then something bad is going to happen,” Roberts said.

The camera showed the officer backing away a considerable distance from the girl, who was wearing a red shirt, blue shorts and sneakers. However, she slowly advanced in her attempt to close the distance.

“Drop it,” the officer could be heard saying.

“No,” she replied.

“Come on shoot me,” she continued. “I’ve been waiting all day.”

The officer continued to move away from her while commanding her to drop the knife. The teenager refused to drop the knife and walked toward him.

Suddenly, she began running at Roberts with the knife in her right hand. As a result, he shot her multiple times and she collapsed.

WARNING: Video contains officer involved shooting.

Following the shooting, the officer was able to secure the large knife.

“I’m so sorry,” the teenager said while writhing on the pavement.

“It’s OK,” an officer is heard saying.

The officer was seen giving her medical aid as they waited for an ambulance.

The girl remained hospitalized Thursday in critical but stable condition, officials said. The investigation was ongoing and Roberts was placed on administrative leave, in accordance with police policy. Fox News reported the second officer arrived moments before the shooting and was preparing to use a beanbag weapon to try to subdue the girl, according to a police statement.


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