Police release photo of bloodied LEO beaten during arrest attempt

Police release photo of bloodied LEO beaten during arrest attempt

By PoliceOne Staff

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati’s police union president is asking for more support of their cops after an officer was beaten during an arrest.

Cincinnati’s Fraternal Order of Police President Sergeant Dan Hils posted a photo on Facebook of a bloody officer who was injured during an arrest attempt on June 6, local news station WLWT5 reports.

According to Cincinnati.com, police were called to a YMCA after receiving reports of Durrell Nichols, 25, acting disorderly and refusing to leave the basketball gym.

Police attempted to force Nichols to leave, but he resisted. Nichols then assaulted the officers with a deadly weapon, resulting in the injuries of the unnamed officer.

The officer required several stitches and his face is still swollen.

“The officer would have been justified if he had used deadly force,” Hils said. “At what levels of leadership would he have been supported and at what levels would he have been abandoned?”

Nichols is behind bars on charges of assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

This is the officer right after the vicious assault on him at the YMCA last Thursday night. The officer would have been…

Posted by Daniel Hils on Tuesday, June 11, 2019