Comedian Jon Lovitz blasts HBO’s John Oliver for shaming U.S. over alliance with Israel: ‘God Bless America’

Legendary comedian and actor Jon Lovitz blasted HBO host Jon Oliver this week after the British talk show host reprimanded the United States for supporting Israel and the “suffering” it has caused in Gaza following Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre.

Lovitz replied to a social media post from Oliver’s talk show with an X post noting how the U.S. would obviously support its “democratic ally” Israel over the radical terror group that killed 1400+ people in the country last month.

Pushing back against the British HBO host’s skepticism of America’s alliance with Israel, Lovitz declared, “God bless America. #IstandwithIsrael.”


The Jewish-American comedian put out the X post on Monday in response to the late-night host’s recent segment on the topic during the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

During the segment, Oliver exposed how U.S. money, weapons and training have boosted the “suffering” of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel. After playing a clip of a Palestinian telling reporters about how his daughter was killed by American weapons in the hands of Israelis, Oliver commented that the “made in America” slogan we’re all so “proud of” is being strapped onto “stuff that’s killing people.”

He continued, saying, “Israel is bombing relentlessly. Again, thousands in Gaza have been killed so far, which honesty shouldn’t be a total shock given that earlier on an IDF spokesperson said out loud, the ‘emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy.’”

“And there have been some maddening efforts to downplay the suffering in Gaza,” Oliver added.

Lovitz took issue with the way Oliver framed the issue. He replied on X, stating, “Yes. The United States is aligned with Israel, our Democratic ally, not Hamas, a terrorist organization who broke a two-year cease-fire, murdered at least 1,200 innocent civilians, and took 240 civilian hostages back with them. So they could start a never-ending war with Israel and annihilate Israel and then Jews all over the world.”


Lovitz wasn’t done. He posted again about Oliver’s clip, this time sharing an Israel Today article headlined, “Hamas terrorists confess to raping corpses, beheading children.” The comedian told Oliver, “Please talk about this on your next show.”

The comedian has been supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas on the social media platform in recent weeks. 

Last week Lovitz ripped Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., after the lawmaker slammed the U.S. for wanting to fund Israel’s “long-term military occupation over an already battered & impoverished people.”

The comedian didn’t hold back, writing, “Well, You’ve done a great job at keeping peace in the region. They don’t want peace. They want to kill all Israelis. Read this article and get informed.”

He added, “Are you really this naive? You’re not a Communist, you’re a Democratic Socialist. Oh.. that’s like saying, I’m not Christian, I’m a Jew for Jesus! I can’t believe you’re Jewish. You’re the most anti-Israel senator I’ve ever seen.”

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