Controversial mayor posts video with Biden just days after ripping colleagues for ‘attacking on a Black woman’

Tiffany Henyard, the Democratic mayor of Dolton, Illinois, posted a video of herself at an event with President Biden just days after she was caught feuding with her fellow officials after questions were raised about her controversial spending.

Fox News Digital previously reported that Henyard has been living like a royal with a combined salary of nearly $300K – more than the state’s governor – and frequent use of beauty vendors, despite the 23,000 residents of the Illinois town having a median income of $24K. In addition to a hefty paycheck, Henyard has been criticized for how she uses the town’s credit card. 

Henyard went on a tirade in a public meeting Monday, declaring, “I’m the leader,” and slammed fellow officials by saying that despite the fact “y’all are Black” they were nonetheless “beating and attacking on a Black woman that’s in power.”

On Thursday, the mayor posted an Instagram video of herself chatting with Biden from when she attended a press conference at the White House on Jan. 19, during the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ annual winter meeting. 

The video featured narration taken from a popular social media personality giving life advice and saying, “You’re gonna hurt a lot of people’s feelings, and not even because you trying to be malicious, but every time they look up, they’re gonna see you winning, they’re gonna hate it.”


In the caption below her video, she wrote, “Stay Positive Stay focused Stay the course” with the hashtags “#IStandWithTiff #growth #loveforcommunity #leadership.”

Five days before, she had shared an image of text saying, “People will believe anything about you as long as it’s negative, but anything positive they question.”

In the caption for the photo she wrote, “It amazes me how people try to turn good into evil. But the devil is a lie. We must band together to fight this evil.”

She then declared that she is “giving away 1 Million Dollars to help people with their mortgage or rent” and people could apply to receive this aid.

The small town mayor, who has been accused of wild antics straight out of the sitcom “Parks & Recreation,” is being sued for alleged financial wrongdoing by Dolton trustees.