LAURA INGRAHAM: The world knows the truth – Joe Biden is in serious mental decline

Fox News host Laura Ingraham takes aim at President Biden’s “enablers” amid serious concerns over Biden’ mental decline on “The Ingraham Angle.” 


LAURA INGRAHAM: This is enabling. Now, all of this long predated last night and now more than ever, Americans and even the foreign press want to know who’s really in charge at the White House. The headline in The Daily Telegraph today is “Is Jill Biden Secretly Running America?” 

With the U.S. president’s cognitive abilities under increasing scrutiny, many believe his wife is the one steering the ship. Of course, the New York Times described Jill today, in those benevolent terms: Jill as a protective force. Protective spouses are amazing, but this is the U.S. presidency, and he has access to nuclear weapons. Congress should do its best as the people’s representatives to find out who’s actually making the big decisions about matters that will determine our country’s future. Because no matter how many spokespersons they send out to trash the special counsel or attest to Biden’s vim and vigor, we all know ‘The Big Guy” isn’t making the big calls, and we all know what Joe Biden’s enablers have done. 

The man can’t remember when he left the vice presidency, for goodness sake. Oh, sorry, he forgot. And we’re not supposed to think that’s messed up. By the time Biden leaves office, more Americans will wish that they could forget his entire presidency. And that’s “The Angle.”