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2024 District III South Carolina State Constables Association Inaugural Message


It is with great gratitude that I write to each member of the District III South Carolina State Constables Association at the start of the New Year.  I am thankful to be part of such a stellar group of selfless individuals who are like minded in regard to serving and protecting others in our state.   Your trust in me to become the next Association Director is something that humbles me and is not taken lightly.  You have my word that I will do my best to serve the Association and its members to the best of my ability.

Eight years ago, I was informed that the Association had voted me as the new Director of Training at a meeting I happened to miss.  This surprise was both overwhelming and an honor.  Thankfully with the guidance, assistance and counsel of Past Director Jerry Smith and Director Steve Starr, I was able to make progress in the training opportunities available to our Association members.  It has been nothing short of an honor to serve in that capacity, and it is most satisfying to know that our training regimens will only continue to improve under the auspices of Constable Kyle Price.

As we look ahead in 2024, I would suggest we concentrate on a few initiatives for the Association that will allow us all to be the best versions of ourselves.

1)    Quiet Professionals

My winter reading list includes “The Quiet Professional” by Alan Hoe.  This book outlines the heroic life of Major Richard Meadows, who was instrumental in the founding of the US Delta Force.  Major Meadows lived a humble life and had an even more humble demeanor.  His accolades and accomplishments were bestowed on him after earning them and the respect of others.  His humility was seen as a strength and he never boasted of his accomplishments, despite there being many.

So it should be our goal to serve our community as Major Meadows did, as quiet professionals who perform our job without drawing attention to ourselves or our wants or needs.  When we do the right thing, that gets noticed quickly. That is how we earn the respect of the law enforcement agencies we support.  Drawing attention to ourselves in the converse, such as whining, complaining, arguing with officers, suspects only denigrates our reputation in the community and has a deleterious effect on all State Constables.  Proverbs 27:2 “Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth.”

2)    You Teach People How to Treat You

If we want to put our best versions forward and earn, maintain the respect of law enforcement agencies in the Upstate, we must always maintain a sense of professionalism.   It is human nature to make immediate impressions of people using our senses, including our sight, sense of smell.  First impressions are hard to dispel and can lead to misconceptions.

So it is incumbent upon us to always look sharp.  Officer presence is the basic element of the Force Continuum we learned in our Basic Constable Course. We must maintain strict hygiene discipline, our uniforms must not only be within SLED regulations, but clean, crisp and fitted properly. We must be proficient in the maintenance and use of our duty gear, including our duty weapons in the interest of officer safety.   Remember that we reflect not only upon ourselves, but in the public’s eyes we also reflect on all law enforcement officers, and all South Carolina State Constables while on duty.   By presenting ourselves in professional ways, both in how we dress and how we conduct ourselves, we will gain the respect of the officers we assist, which can only benefit the Association.

“ I don’t want to look sloppy because then I feel sloppy.” Karl Lagerfeld 

“The way of the slothful man as a hedge of thorns, but the way of the righteous is made plain.” Provebs15:19

 3)    Team Players

An organization is only as strong as its members.  Thus, I would suggest we focus on some initiatives to unite, include and promote camaraderie among our Association members.

Mentorship Program

Firstly, all new Constables will be paired with an Association member who has been a State Constable for at least 2 years.  This mentorship program will not only foster better camaraderie, but will ease the transition of new Constables into our Association and on duty.   Thank you to Advanced Constable Craig Jackson for volunteering to be the coordinator for the mentoring program.  So when Craig reaches out to you to be a mentor, please accept his request and serve our Association in this regard.

Comfort Zone Challenge

Secondly, I challenge all Association members to try something that gets you out of your comfort zone with your fellow Constables.  For instance, the same Constables work the gun-shows and BMW Charity Golf Tournament fundraising events.  I challenge those who have never done so, to sign up for service for at least one day at such events in 2024 to help the Association.

Halton Rd Adopt-A-Highway Initiative

Thirdly, to foster camaraderie and to showcase our service to the community at large, the District III South Carolina State Constables Association will participate in the SC Adopt-A-Highway Program by maintaining a stretch of Halton Road in front of the soon to be finished Greenville Police Department Headquarters.   We must have at least 10 volunteers to collect trash on this road twice a year and our Association will be listed on a very visible sign on Halton Road for all to see.  Thank you to Constable Chris Edwards for being the first to commit to this endeavor.   I am personally looking forward to participating in this event.  We can count such hours as “other” on our SLED Quarterly Reports.

 “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17

4)    Leadership Team

Lastly, I would like to thank the Association leadership team for their willingness to serve and their often-thankless hard work that often goes unnoticed by many.

Constable Scott Pinkham continues to do a phenomenal job maintaining our Association Website.  We get constant compliments on our website and no other State Constable Association in South Carolina has an online presence like ours.  Thank you Scott!

Constable Kyle Price has certainly improved on our training agendas and opportunities as the Association Director of Training.  As we show proficiencies in the provided training sessions, Kyle has plans for additional, advanced training for those interested, including active shooter response, combat casualty care and shooting through windshield glass training.  Thank you Kyle for stepping up our training!

Constable Steve Starr has done a phenomenal job as our Association Director over the past 10 years. He has built on the strong foundations set by the Directors before him, namely Jerry Smith.  Steve and I have literally spent hundreds of hours conversing often by phone, in person over the past decade in our collective effort to protect, advance and advocate for the Association.  Thank you for your dedication and assistance over the years.  I am just thankful that you volunteered to serve with me again as the Deputy Director.  More good times ahead with SLED! LOL

Advanced Constable Craig Jackson has assumed the position of Director of Recruitment for the Association.  In this role, he will coordinate outreach to the community to foster interest in applicants to the Constable program and our Association.  In the interest of continuity, Craig graciously volunteered to maintain relationships with the new Constables as the coordinator for the newly established mentor program.  Thank you Craig for your dedication to the Association!

Constable Nelson Arrington has agreed to be the Association Legislative Liaison.  He will work with local and state political officials in the drafting of laws that protect and are benevolent to State Constables in South Carolina.   Thank you, Nelson, for stepping up to help the Association in this regard. Just watch your back around those politicians! LOL

Agency Coordinators:  Thank you to all of you who are the true backbone, quite professionals of the Association who coordinate Constables with the 20 various agencies we support.  Without your hard work, we would have limited opportunities to serve and accrue training and duty hours.  Thank you!

Thank you again for your confidence in me to serve as the Association Director.   I look forward to serving you in this capacity and am always open to suggestions, concerns or challenges.   Never hesitate to email me, text or call at any time.

Stay safe and well.  Train often and hard!  Stay vigilant and dangerous at the same time.



District III South Carolina State Constables Association