State Constables provide law enforcement support for different agencies at parades and special events

Two Tigers
With Coach Swiney
Providing Law Enforcement Support at Clemson Football Games









Special Awards

Larry Durham Award Recognition

Award by Oconee County recognizing Advanced Constable Larry Durham for serving 28 years. Well done.









Emmit Tucker Award Recognition

Presented to Larry Tucker for over 30 years of service by Chief Stewart, Anderson City PD









Award to Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw.








Awarded to Greenville City PD in supporting our agency.








Constables providing law enforcement security at the BMW Pro-Amature Golf Classic.

Dan Saad and Steve Shaw ready for duty at the BMW Classic
Bryan Horton Greeting visitors
Charles Glace manning the security check point
Bryan Horton, Charles Glace and Steve Shaw receiving instructions from event staff.
Charles Glace making sure everyone is safe.
Arthur Hirtle making sure the gofers have security.


Meeting celebrities like Larry the Cable Guy
Meeting Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty














Providing Security at the Law Enforcement Center

Steve Shaw at the Enforcement Center making sure COVID-19 doesn’t make an illegal entry








Assisting with Security in Oconee County after tornado ripped through area

Brad Nicholson helping the community after a tornado damaged buildings.
Witte Cottingham and National Guardsman on duty
Steve McGinnis helping with security and law enforcement
Damage to business
Damage to business
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