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State constables are commissioned by SLED and support SC law enforcement in times of emergency and/or crisis. Prior to registering, candidates must take their application to SLED and receive approval to take the training. You must pass a comprehensive test and qualify with firearms. Yearly in-service training updates are required. Curriculum: firearms, laws of arrest, searches and seizures, evidence, crisis intervention, human/community relations, SLED policies and procedures affecting constables. Academy does not control any part of the constable program or tuition, only provides the training manuals. 

A tentative class is scheduled from October 10, 2019 through December 11, 2019

In order to enter this class, each participant must submit a letter from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) stating eligibility for the training. Topics Include:

 Physical Evidence (A)                                                                                 Laws of Arrest

Physical Evidence Crime Scene (B)                                                         Constitutional Law 

Investigations (A)                                                                                        Searches I

Officer Survival                                                                                            Searches II

Juvenile Procedures                                                                                   Searches III

Prisoner Control & Transport                                                                  Ethics

Auto-Pistol Range Orientation (A)                                                        Diverse Communications

Police Revolver Training (B)                                                                  Police Communications

Shotgun Familiarization (C)                                                                   Criminal Domestic Violence


The course is $649.00 per student and must be borne by the student.

For further information please contact Ms Becky Garnett at (803) 732-5256

Email: Becky Garnett

Basic Constable Course