Virginia Agency Wishes ‘Merry Christmas’ K9 Style

Editor’s Note:  The Strasburg (VA) Police Department recently posted the below poem on their Facebook Page.  We were asked to share the message to our audience.

‘Twas a week before Christmas
And all through the town
You could feel Christmas spirit
Was going around

As he lay in his kennel
Safe and warm on that night
The thought of forgotten pets
Gave K9 Argo great fright

So he called up a meeting
With the Mayor and Chief
And said “I need just a moment
To share my beliefs”

“It’s simple, you see,”
He said with a bark,
“Your children are family,
But we’re also a part!”

“My human makes sure
That he gives me good scratches
But sometimes, our humans,
They end up distracted!”

“And let’s not forget
All the pets in the shelters
I wonder if Santa
Could use some as helpers!”

He went on and on
For what felt like a year
Then he took a deep breath
And pinned back his ears

“So here is my plan,
It’s what Argo proposes,
Let’s all be nicer
To those of us with wet noses!”

His audience agreed
So they wrote up a law:
“Please be good to your pets,
Merry Christmas to ALL!”

This holiday season, please take a minute out from all the festivities to show your companion animals some love. Bring them in out of the cold or check to ensure their shelter is adequate. Although they are a small part of your world, you are their whole world and they count on you. If you are giving a pet for Christmas, consider adopting or rescuing one — there are plenty of great pets patiently waiting for a second chance. On behalf of all of us at Strasburg Police Department (and especially K9 Argo), we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Photo credit: Denise Jane Portrait Design, INC
Santa hat Photoshop credit: Various elves and reindeer

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