New Ford Police SUV Will Go 137 MPH and Save Millions

Memo to crooks: Don’t even try it.

And, not only does Ford’s new Police Interceptor Utility have the highest top speed (137 mph) and fastest acceleration from 0-100 mph among competitive police utility vehicles tested by law enforcement agencies; it also will save taxpayers money.

“Projections indicate the first pursuit-rated hybrid police utility will save between $3,500 and $5,700 per vehicle annually in fuel costs versus the current Police Interceptor Utility,” Ford said in a statement. “If those savings were applied to every Police Interceptor Utility sold in 2017, it would equate to between $118 million and $193 million, or more than 43 million gallons of fuel.”

Savings were calculated using fuel costs of $2.75 to $4.50 per gallon.

Power and performance stay intact while, “first and foremost,” taxpayers save money, added Greg Ebel, assistant police brand manager for Ford.

Speed data is based on testing done in 2018 by Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. They documented that the new Police Interceptor Utility hybrid had the fastest lap and fastest average lap versus competitive police utility vehicles, including V8-powered vehicles.

“The only faster entry was its cousin — Ford Police Interceptor Utility powered by a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine,” Ford noted.

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