Nashville Police Demand Apology After DA Refers To Police Like Nazis

Heinrich Himmler was a Nazi leader in the German army, considered among those most directly responsible for the holocaust.

William Calley was a U.S. lieutenant convicted of murdering 22 unarmed civilians during the My Lai massacre in Vietnam.

So when Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk (above) said in court, “His defense is Andrew Delke was following his training, same defense that Himmler used in Nuremberg, Lieutenant Calley used in Vietnam and now Andrew Delke is propounding to this court,” police officers were not happy.

“We were disgusted, I mean, police officers serve this community every single day and for somebody to make a comparison of our guardians to Nazis is absolutely unacceptable for a public official,” said James Smallwood, the president of the Nashville fraternal order of police.

Monday, for the first time, Chief Steve Anderson weighed in saying, “In the heated drama that courtroom proceedings often create, statements are made that, in retrospect, prove inappropriate. I am confident that, upon reflection, general funk regrets making those comparisons.”

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Funk didn’t apologize, instead his spokesperson said, “General Funk’s comments during the preliminary hearing were that individuals are accountable for their actions and cannot assign blame to their superiors or the department as a whole.”

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