Pops’ Father’s Day Prayer

I have three adult children, two of whom are boys that refer to me as Pops. Their term of endearment makes me beam with delight.

My children sustained decades of highs and lows as a law enforcement family.

So with parenting primarily in the rearview mirror and, Lord willing, many years ahead in my role as “Papa” to at least three grandkids thus far, I offer a prayer on Father’s Day.

Pops’ Father’s Day Prayer

Father in heaven, I humbly bow before Your thrown of grace on this day;

To acknowledge …

  • You are God Almighty, I am not;
  • I cannot be an earthly father without heavenly help;
  • My inadequacy is evident, yet I’m fully sufficient through you.

To give thanks …

  • For the opportunity to be called Dad-Pops-Papa;
  • For the warmth and love shown by those who refer to me in these affectionate terms;
  • For decades of giggles, laughs, hugs, and yes, even tears over the years;
  • For memories that I hold dear from our lives together;
  • For the spirit of thanksgiving that comes from a grateful heart;
  • For a lifelong relationship with the mother of my children and “Mimi” to our grandkids;
  • For grace that has been extended to every member of our family in one form or another.

To ask …

  • For a shroud of protection surrounding those I love so much;
  • Mercy for each one as we stumble;
  • Wisdom to avoid the same obstacles that caused a fall;
  • For character development as a priority over our physical comfort;
  • An insatiable thirst for godly values;
  • Our daily bread along with the ability to recognize when it arrives;
  • An eternal perspective during the aging process;
  • A spiritual connection that makes each one embrace a relationship with your Son;
  • Illumination that shines truth on our lives;
  • Eternal hope that is tangible, even though it’s untouchable.


“Children are a gift from the Lord.” 

– King Solomon

May God bless you as you as celebrate today with the Father(s) in your life.

– Jim McNeff

(Feature image: U.S. Air Force Public Affairs)


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