Anti-Cop Movie Bombs Opening Weekend

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

“The Hate U Give” opened up in over 2000 movie theaters this past weekend after a limited release  and a ton of marketing. Based on the 2017 novel of the same name, the movie stars a 16 year old girl that witnesses  the shooting death of her childhood best friend during a traffic stop. The movie, much like the book plays out line a nightly CNN story, with tales of bad cops, police brutality along with a love story just to place some truth in the midst of it. Of course it’s being heralded as the best movie of the year by critics and the media but the viewers know better.

The tired drumbeat of crooked cops is not playing well with viewers. After costing over 23 million dollars, it made just 7.5 million on opening weekend, which is a sign that anyone investing in this film will lose. Opening weekend is a big deal for the movie industry and typically is a prediction of whether the movie will profit or not.

As an example, Halloween costs 10 million to make and it opened up at 77 million dollars. We suppose that viewers appreciate tall tails of a dude in a mask versus the lies told on law enforcement.

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