Utah Chief Dies After Fitness Test

The assistant police chief for Brigham City (Utah) died Friday in a Salt Lake City hospital after having a brain aneurysm and stroke during his annual physical fitness test last week.

Dennis Vincent was airlifted to the University of Utah’s Neuro Critical Care Unit after collapsing during the test. He underwent brain surgery, and doctors discovered a second aneurysm during the operation, according to a post on the police department’s Facebook page.

After the surgery, Vincent was in critical condition. During his stay in the hospital, medical staff tried to keep pressure from building in his skull. The police department reported ups and downs in pressure throughout the week, with pressure spiking Thursday night before being brought back under control. Vincent died the next night.

Vincent is the 143rd Utah police officer killed in the line of duty — in this case a department-mandated annual fitness test. He is the fifth to have died from a medical condition, said Sol Oberg, Utah Law Enforcement Memorial president and Kaysville police chief.

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