New York Governor To Release Serial Child Killer

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s parole board may be the worst political appointed body in all of government….anywhere. After freeing two notorious cop-killers and a gunman who killed a Bronx prosecutor this year, they are now set to release a serial baby-killing mom.

According to the New York Post, Marybeth Tinning (above), 75, who was convicted of murdering her 4-month-old daughter, admitted smothering three of her other kids and is suspected of killing yet another five, could be freed from prison by next month after parole board members gave her a get-out-of-jail-free card in July.

In 2011, Tinning, who has spent 30 years behind bars, told the panel: “When my daughter was young . . . I just believed she was going to die. So I just did it.”

Board members, most of whom were picked by Cuomo, appear to have absolutely no standards when it comes to keeping evil behind bars.

  • In April, they paroled Herman Bell, a Black Liberation Army member who, 40 years ago, ambushed and killed two NYPD officers in Harlem.
  • In May, they freed Robert Hayes, another BLA member who fatally shot NYPD transit cop Sidney Thompson in 1973.
  • In June, they opened the prison gates for Jose Diaz, who machine-gunned down 30-year-old Sean Healy, an assistant prosecutor in the Bronx.

The only question is what is next from Governor Cuomo?

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