7 In 7 Days

The tragedy that has been 2019 began on January 5th when Provo (Utah) Master Police Officer Joseph Shinners was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a wanted fugitive.  The tragedies, murders and the names of the heroes we have lost continued ever since on a daily basis.

The stark reality in all of it, is that none of us are immune.

Each line of duty death comes from a different state and a different type agency.  From men directing traffic to women being ambushed, it all makes very little sense.

And with the randomness of it all, I want to remind our audience that it is time to honor all of our fallen heroes and get back to what law enforcement trained, endorsed and practiced for decades.

We will train in safety, survival and the warrior mindset to go home no matter what.

Yes, there are some out there, even that wear our uniforms in leadership positions that have forgotten what it actually takes to survive and our focus has sometimes suffered and now is the time to get back to the basics.

The heroes that we have lost in 2019 deserve our undivided attention to do everything that we can to go home at night.

The heroes below trained and did all they could to go home but for a reason that I cannot understand, they didn’t make it home.

May you use their sacrifice to commit all of your effort to do just that……..Go Home.

In Honor

Master Patrol Officer Joseph Shinners

Officer Dale James Woods

Officer Clayton Townsend

Officer Chateri Payne

Officer Natalie Corona

Trooper Chris Lambert

Sergeant Wytasha Carter


Travis Yates is a 25 year year law enforcement veteran and Director of Training at Law Officer.  You can find out more about our Online Training here

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