Documents: Mo. cop charged with killing colleague says he was in love with her

By PoliceOne Staff

ST. LOUIS — Documents state the St. Louis officer who allegedly shot and killed a fellow officer while playing Russian Roulette was in love with her and was planning to move in with her.

According to court documents newly obtained by KMOV 4, Officer Nathaniel Hendren stated to his supervisor that “he did not try and kill [Officer Katlyn Alix] because he was in love with her and they were in an intimate relationship and were planning on moving into his apartment.”

According to the local news station, the exact relationship between Hendren and Alix was unknown previously, but the two sometimes patrolled around south St. Louis as partners and were said to be friends.

Hendren was charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting last month.

Documents also stated that the other officer who was there during the time of the shooting said Hendren and Alix were “consuming alcoholic beverages and playing with their off-duty weapons.” The Circuit Attorney stated previously that there was probable cause that drugs and/or alcohol may have been involved in the incident.

The officer also said that Hendren and Alix started playing Russian Roulette with a revolver, and at a point the officer became uncomfortable with the drinking and gunplay. He left the living room and as he did, he heard a single gunshot, according to the documents.

Three cell phones were found at the scene and police are attempting to determine who they belong to. According to the officer, Alix had sent several text messages to both officers that night asking for their whereabouts and had phone conversations with them leading up to the incident.

Hendren has been released on bond and his next court date is set for March 4.