Anchorage Police Department Launches Transfers From ‘Lower 48’

For the first time, the Anchorage Police Department announced that they will take lateral transfer officers from other states.

“Are you a police officer outside the state of Alaska (what we like to call “the lower 48″ – purely geographical, not personal… but we are awesome)? Interested in taking your skills up north to the Last Frontier? We want you!”

Lateral Officers with 5 years of experience will start at $40/hour and top out at $93,787.20 Annually.

According to their Facebook Page: 

For the first time the Anchorage Police Department will be accepting applications for Out of State Lateral Police Officers.

This is a great opportunity for any current sworn officer in the continental United States and Hawaii to apply for a sworn officer position.

This job opportunity has an accelerated pay schedule and a shortened training period.

Follow the link below to apply today.…

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 907-786-8811.


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