Conn. officer agrees to cover face tattoos to avoid termination

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — An officer facing potential termination over his facial tattoos has agreed to cover them.

According to the New Haven Register, Officer Jason Bandy agreed to cover his facial tattoos in order to save his job during a termination hearing on March 27.

Former Chief Anthony Campbell and Interim Chief Otoniel Reyes both recommended that Bandy be fired for his facial tattoos since they violated departmental policy – which the union contests – and prevented the department from exercising control over its image.

"We all signed up to do a job; we all signed up to a particular brand. And that brand should be able to maintain its integrity,” said Reyes. “When an officer walks in with tattoos on their face, there are segments of the population that we serve that may be confused and offended by that – that may not understand what that’s all about, that may question the mental stability of the officer who does that.”

Police officials initially offered Bandy an agreement that he could have his tattoos surgically removed to avoid termination, but a dermatologist said that option would leave Bandy with lasting scars.

Bandy’s agreement to cover his tattoos with makeup – part of a second offer – resulted in the hearing being tabled for 30 days as both sides work out a compromise over other parts of the deal.