Charles Remsberg Retires From Force Science

After penning nearly 400 Force Science News articles, long-time editor in chief, Charles Remsberg, has retired.  Although Mr. Remsberg is no longer a formal member of the Force Science team, the Remsberg classroom, located in the Force Science Institute’s Chicago office, will continue to commemorate his immeasurable contributions.

Mr. Remsberg is known widely for he and Dennis Anderson’s work and creation on the Street Survival Seminars and accompanying books. Remsberg is one of the most influential forces behind modern officer safety training and education and Law Officer Editor In Chief & Director of Training Travis Yates calls him a legend that can never be replaced.

“We can never forget that before Charles Remsberg, the term ‘Officer Survival’ wasn’t even in our vocabulary. What a journalist accomplished for the law enforcement profession is immeasurable both in lives saved and tragedies averted,” Yates told us.


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