Law Enforcement Personal Information Published In FBI Hack

The FBI National Academy Associates, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the FBI confirmed that hackers breached the web servers of multiple chapters and published the names and addresses of hundreds of law enforcement personnel and thousands of other people online.

The hacked materials include names, job descriptions, email addresses and, in some cases, street addresses of more than 23,000 people in multiple databases. More than 1,000 of the email addresses belong to the domain and the domains of other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

In a statement, FBI National Academy Associates, an organization supporting graduates of the FBI Academy, confirmed that the websites of three of its local chapters were breached and that “personal information has been obtained to be sold on the web.”

The organization said it was still investigating along with federal authorities, but it said it had determined that its national database wasn’t affected.

The FBI National Academy Associates is the alumni of the FBI National Academy, that is a 10 week management training offered to police leaders across the world.  Once graduated, each law enforcement executive joins the Associate Program, typically based out of each state or country.

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