Toxic Masculinity, Racist Police, America and the Attacks on Our Values

We are under attack and I am not talking about men or police but America and the values it stands for.  America was never a place as much as an idea. Nowhere else in the world can you see such diversity and never even question if someone is American.  The American motto, E Pluribus Unum, means out of many one. The idea was to bring people who desired freedom, something never really seen in the world, to the place where freedom was born, America, and make them into Americans.  At the founding, there were values built into this idea. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are foundational but each of them have been under attack from the moment the cornerstone was laid.

America was and is unlike every other place in the world because of our belief in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It is the natural condition of some to exploit others and rule them for their own fortune and power or to want to be taken care of because of our lack of courage to seek freedom.  It is no accident that Bible believing people, who were set free to pursue liberty and life, would pursue a place free from tyranny. That is the story of America. Those who hate God are the enemy of America and American values. The ability for men to rule themselves and live in freedom is thus the target of those who arrogantly wish to rule over others and their natural enemy is freedom.  This is the battle we find ourselves in today.


Call “they” by whatever name you wish but they are those who try to undermine American values because we stand in the way of their domination and rule over us, the free American people.  It does not matter that their utopian ideology has failed everywhere in the world that it has ever been tried. Those that say they love America but are trying to destroy our value system, love the land called America but not the idea.  They have tried to remove every vestige of God from our history, documents, law and education system. They attack the American ideology by trying to tear down our statues and founders because they know that history is not kind to those who hate God and the America founded on that belief system.

Our police and military have been the protectors of freedom from the founding of our country, but “they” attack our military and police trying to villainize them, undermining our freedom loving values.  Masculinity has been maligned by Hollywood for several decades as they mock male role models. They have introduced every sin into movies and television sitcoms to the point that it is almost impossible to determine if there is something called a sin.  And they have destroyed the family and mocked it as unnecessary. Do they really think this is freedom? They know it is not freedom but slavery. Those who want power and control have done so everywhere in the world that is run by despots and tyrants. Funny, this is the language of the founding fathers who penned our documents and their thoughts in support of their concept called America.

The removal of God from our society is exactly what causes all the problems they rail against but now complain about.  You hate slavery, God is the one who set us free. That document that states that we are endowed by our creator also stated that all men are created equal.  It took some time but history shows that every place in the world embraced slavery, we ended it. Masculinity is a good thing and it was with masculinity that America was born but those who remove the God of the Bible from our education, law and history, also remove the restraint that allows men to be slaves to their nature.  The Bible tells us what God really demands of man in Isiah 6:8 where we are told “…to seek justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”


The founders are now under attack because they knew that the power to restrains men’s nature and set them free to pursue life, liberty and happiness would create an idea that would displace tyrants.  Tyrants hate God and freedom and they hate America.

If we wish this idea of America to reign again, we need to get back to the restraining nature of the one who teaches us to be kind, good and restrained so that we can return to the founders’ values to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

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